Re-ordering Project at All Saints, Longstanton

On 7 January 2019, as part of the first phase of our Church reordering project, work started at the rear of the Church building to install much needed toilets. We will also be reconfiguring the Bell Tower as well as installing a temporary kitchen facility.

The aim of the project is to make the Church building more open, accessible, and usable to the wider community.

The installation of toilets and new kitchen facilities will allow the Church building to be used, not only as a place of worship, but also for a variety of local activities that benefit the wider community as well as the Church.

The first phase of the project will be completed by Easter 2019. To get us to this point in our Church reordering project, a huge amount of detailed planning and work has gone on behind the scenes, involving many people over a considerable amount of time and we are thankful for such involvement and support.

More importantly, getting us to this point has also involved a lot of personal giving by a lot of people, who have been kind enough to not only give of their time and expertise, but have also donated significant funds towards the cost of the project.

Without such generosity and personal commitment from inside the Church as well as from within our local community, we would not be where we are today in terms of making a difference to the Church, in order that the Church can make a difference within the community. As they say ‘it's not over yet'.

The work commencing in January 2019 is only the start of the first phase of our reordering project. We shall still need to go on fundraising so that we are able to not only complete the first phase but also finish the project in its entirety, thereby safeguarding the spiritual life and sustainability of the Church for many years to come.

Contact Information

For church matters, please contact Rev'd Simon Gilll: Tel: 1954 230434 Email:

For administrative matters, please contact the Team Administrator, Gillian Beal. Gillian is available in the 5Folds Parishes Office, Over Church Hall 10-12noon Monday to Thursday. Tel: 01954 203459 Email: