Lent Courses in the Benefice

Journeying Through Lent with John’s Gospel

During Lent and starting week beginning 19th February some of our bible study groups will be using the new Diocesan Lent course.

The sessions of this Lent course are designed to help us explore some of the symbols of John’s gospel: water, bread, light, shepherd, vine.

They represent an opportunity to respond to the invitation on the lips of Jesus and Philip in chapter one of the gospel to ‘come and see’ where the Son of God may be found and what he is about.

It is based on John’s gospel and is broken down into five sessions.

To find out more go to the Ely Diocese website or better still come and join one of the groups and learn together.

Monday 19th February at 7.30pm in the Octagon at Willingham. Please contact Julie about this group.

Wednesday 21st February at 10am The Emmaus Group. If you would like to join the group contact Sue Gamon 01954 782371 to find out where they meet.

Wednesday 21st February at 10.30am at 6 The Lanes, Over. Please contact Julie about the group

Wednesday 21st February at 8pm in Swavesey. The Swavesey House Group sessions will be held on 21st and 28th February, 7th, 14th and 21st March at 8pm. For details of venues, contact Jill Holland on 01954 230077, jilld.holland@btinternet.com.

Thursday 22nd February at 8pm at 12 Colesfield, Longstanton. For more information contact Susan Meah on 781258

Booklets will be available, but the full text can be found on the Ely Diocesan website.