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Interactive Resources for May 3rd

Today's Big Question: "What does BELONGING look like?"

You can see the whole playlist of videos on YouTube at, but you'll need to visit this page, too, to get the downloads.

Interactive Resources for 26th April

"A Change in Direction?"


This page has been put together by Pathfinder Church Northstowe to draw together our own experiences today.... and to reflect on the Afternoon of the first Easter Sunday... as we meet together (even while apart), meet with God, and expect to go out, changed.

Holy Week with Pathfinder Church

If you are in lock-down at home, with time available, we have a series of daily challanges for you. But if you are a keyworker, or have caring responsiblities, PLEASE don't feel any pressure to do this. Know we are praying with and for you all, where you are. Bless you all!

Palm Sunday: Faith-at-home with Pathfinder Church

To get you started: this weekend's BIQ QUESTION:

"Describe an event, holiday, or day you remember or commemorate (have a ceremony for) and why it’s meaningful for you to acknowledge/celebrate/honour it every year."


And now let's explore the story that Christians around the world are commemorating this week: the story of Holy Week.

(4 videos, together lasting 30 mins; recorded by Pathfinder Church Northstowe in isolation - read on to see how to use this video in the context of a wider worship-at-home setting)