Pathfinder Church, Northstowe

Why not join the adventure?

praying, exploring and sharing

We are starting a new adventure here in Northstowe! Like any group of pilgrims on a journey, we expect that we will be changed as we travel. We’ll be changed by the people and places we meet, and as God works in and through us. If you’d like to be part of this journey… if you are willing to help shape us, and be shaped by that encounter… come and walk a while with us as we follow Jesus Christ — The Pathfinder.

We are mostly online, with some in person activites. Full details on our website.


Revd Dr Beth Cope 0772 033 0272   email: 

(Revd Dr Beth Cope is the Pioneer Minister and Priest for Northstowe: your first port of call for Church of England Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals in Northstowe and the surrounding villages (the 5 Folds Family of Churches). )

Canon Jan Payne 0778 067 4563  email:



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