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Welcome to Pathfinder Church: why not join the adventure?

praying, exploring and sharing

We are starting a new adventure here in Northstowe! Like any group of pilgrims on a journey, we expect that we will be changed as we travel. We’ll be changed by the people and places we meet, and as God works in and through us. If you’d like to be part of this journey… if you are willing to help shape us, and be shaped by that encounter… come and walk a while with us as we follow Jesus Christ — The Pathfinder. 

Our vision is to be people who are praying, exploring and sharing: read more...

You might also like to visit our website to read about how we are rooted in Christ, in this "5 folds" family of churches, in the local Church School, and in this new town of Northstowe.

Our website also contains more details of our safeguarding and other policies.

And how we can help those moving into this new town to mark significant life events, such as weddings, thanksgivings, christenings and baptisms, and funerals.

Regular patterns

Our normal pattern is to gather every Sunday to meet with God, meet with one another, and go out equipped to make a difference in the places God calls us.

We are committed to allowing everyone to grow in their faith, acknowledging that some people (no matter how young or old!) respond best to quiet reflection and others to more interactive experiences. We believe that children have much to teach us, and wherever possible meet together across the generations, giving a choice of activities.

During school term, we usually meet at 10.30am for a reflective morning service (sitting around tables and enjoying both the poetic liturgies of our tradition and the option to engage with interactive materials -- no matter how young or old we are!) and then at 3.30pm for our multisensory and interactive Afternoon Gathering (starting with drinks and conversation/activity before our theme is introduced and we split out to explore it through our Busy Station, Colouring Station, Chat Zone, Reflection Station and Listening Station, before drawing together for the final 20 mins).

We celebrate communion loosely fortnightly in the mornings, and once a month in the afternoons.

During school holidays and bank holidays, and at other special points in the year, we combine the two services. Sometimes we'll meet at 10.30, sometimes 3.30... or sometimes eating together at our Communion Lunches at 12-2pm: check out our calendar to see what's coming up.

During term, we also support the Parent and Staff Prayers on alternate Tuesday Mornings (9-9.30am in the School Training Room) and hold simple poetic services of Morning Prayer every Wednesday (8.45-9.05am in the School Training Room).

We also hold a monthly "Exploring Life and Prayer" evening, where we gather to watch a reflective video, hold silence together, and explore different prayer traditions. Recent events have included Compline and Evening Prayer from several traditions.

We are also part of the wider Northstowe Community. Together with the District Council Community Development Officer, we run The Micro Wing Thing every Wednesday during Term (3.30-4.30pm, The Wing, Northstowe), and are part of the collection of Northstowe groups that help run the monthly Wing Wednesdays (4-9.30pm, 2nd Wednesdays of the month, The Wing, Northstowe). You'll also meet us at other community events. Stop by and say hi!

Where to find us

Pathfinder Church Northstowe meet on Sundays (normally 10.30am and 3.30pm but check our events in case of special events!) at Wednesdays (8.45am during School Term) in The Pathfinder Church of England Primary School.

Other events happen out and about in Northstowe, or at Church House, 6, Woodpecker Close, Northstowe CB24 1AW.

Postal address: Church House, 6, Woodpecker Close, Northstowe CB24 1AW.



Revd Dr Beth Cope 0772 033 0272   email: 

Canon Jan Payne 0778 067 4563  email:


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