St Mary's Church, Over. History

St Mary's Church is made almost entirely of stone from Barnack, in the extreme north of Cambridgeshire and has traces of 14th century work, including flower-ball carvings, gargoyles representing birds and beasts, and a south porch of perfect proportions.

Its size shows the income the village received from, among other things, the Suffolk wool trade and goods sold in the market at St Ives.

Unlike many Fenland and edge-of-fen churches, it is highly ornamented, which is evidence of the amount of money which was available at the time of construction and decoration: the more complicated the work, the more it cost.

There are also two other churches in Over: a Methodist church in the Lanes, which was built in 1848 and features a typical one storey design found in Methodist churches, and a Baptist church in New Road built directly onto a house, whose owner gave the land for the church to be built in 1737.